Manufacturer’s Warranty

  1. Coverage and eligibility
    1. The coverage is only valid for a defective Product that is purchased new on our Website, is covered by the Warranty, and is in compliance to these Terms and Conditions.
    2. The Warranty is only valid if claims are made within the allocated Warranty period as stated in the sales invoice and Warranty card issued.
    3. Where the Product malfunction or defect is found to have resulted from an electrical or mechanical failure, you are to inform us as soon as practicable by contacting Customer Care. We will then provide you with the steps and instructions required. Where practicable, you may be required to have the Product sent to a designated service centre nearest to you for maintenance and repairs.
    4. Defects and malfunctions covered for the Product shall be as determined by the manufacturer and that as stated in the terms of the Warranty card issued. This includes and is not limited to the period of which certain functioning parts are covered, the functioning parts covered, and the conditions in which the Warranty is deemed as valid or void.
    5. All Products covered under the Warranty shall be subjected to any costs and fees applicable and relevant to the transporting, maintenance and repairs of the Product.
    6. All Products covered under the Warranty are strictly limited for use in a domestic and personal setting only.
    7. The Warranty is not to be regarded to as an insurance policy nor does it provide any guarantee or promise relating to the nature of the material, workmanship or performance of the covered Product.
    8. The Warranty acts as a service contract for the provision of maintenance and repairs for selected Products with covered defects.
    9. Where the need for a replacement Product arises, terms relevant to the One to One Exchange Warranty shall apply where. Determination for the replacement of a defective Product shall only be made at the discretion of the manufacturer and/or supplier. Where the Warranty is valid and concerned, the Company reserves no right to provide a replacement.
  2. Submission for claim
    1. It shall be a term of the Warranty that in the event of a malfunction which may give rise to a claim for maintenance and repairs, the Product covered must be presented to the Company’s physical store that is nearest to you or by contacting us to receive further instructions within the allocated warranty period.
    2. It is a requirement for any submission for claim that all original sales invoices or receipts issued by the Company and manufacturer’s warranty cards be presented or provided with the Product.
    3. It is recommended that you consult with the manufacturer’s instruction or manual provided with the Product to determine any malfunctions that may or can be corrected by yourself.
    4. Should the Product failure or defect be found to be not covered by the Warranty or should it be found to be free of any defects, the Product will be returned to you.
    5. Any fees applicable and relevant to any submission for claim including and not limited to delivery charges, labor charges or any other charges that may be incurred under the Warranty shall be borne by you.
  3.  Exclusions
    1. Any defects that are subject to the manufacturer’s recall.
    2. Any cost or damage associated to routine maintenance, inspection, cleaning, lubrication, external adjustments and any other instructions.
    3. Non-operation and cosmetic items, paint, color or finish; accessories used in or with the Product; external cables and cords; glass; add-on options incorporated.
    4. Unauthorized modifications made to the Product; tampered serial numbers; failure to follow manufacturers’ instructions on installation, operation or maintenance; repairs performed by non-authorized repairer; any items not affecting the function of the Product.
    5. Repairs necessitated by accidental or intentional physical damage, spilled liquid unless specifically covered in the exchange warranty.
    6. Burglary, theft, corrosion, animal and insect infestation, misuse, neglect and abuse.
    7. Failure caused by a voltage converter and/or applying incorrect voltage to the Product.
    8. Diagnosis where no defect has been found or noted.
    9. Defects not covered by the manufacturer’s original written warranty, unless otherwise stated as covered.
    10. Courier and delivery charges, express service charges or transportation damage.
    11. Commercial use (multi-user organizations), public rental, use for profit or communal use for multi-family housing.
    12. Any loss or damage to the Product resulting from fire or flood, howsoever caused.
    13. Any loss or damage to the Product resulting from an act of God (including without limitation, events such as earthquake, war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations, civil war, civil commotion).
  4. Limitations
    1. The Company shall not in any event be liable to person or property for any incidental, contingent, special or consequential damages. This contract is non-transferable.
  5. Termination and cancellation
    1. This Warranty shall cease in the event of any of the following:
    2. Upon expiry of the service contract; disposal or repossession of the Product;
    3. Unauthorized repair, replacement or modification of the Product;
    4. If the Product is moved out of the country of purchase, it will not be covered by this Warranty.
  6.  General
    1. This document represents the entire agreement between the Company and the User and no other oral or written representation is valid.
    2. These Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time without notice and your access to the Website may be terminated at any time without notice.
    3. By continuing to use the Website, its services, purchasing products from the Company or by your continued engagement with the Company following the change or revision to this document and the Terms and Conditions, you will be treated to as having agreed to and accepted those amendments.
    4. If you do not agree to this document or any of its amendments, we may not be able to render all services to you and you may be required to terminate your relevant agreement with us and/or stop accessing or using our Website.
    5. Where your access to this Website is terminated, all disclaimers and limitations of liability set out in these Terms and Conditions will survive.
    6. Reference to the Website includes the whole part or any portion of the web pages located on this webpage.
    7. In the event of any inconsistency between the English text and text in other languages, the English version shall prevail.
  7.  Enquiries
    1. Kindly contact Customer Care if you have any questions or feedback about this Website and its use.