Milux Turbo Hand Mixer MHM-250

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3 in stock


Model: Turbo Hand Mixer MHM-250

3-Speed Control + Turbo Function


Rated Voltage:AC2200-240V
Rate Frequency:50/60Hz
Rate Wattage:200W

Important Notes:Basic safety Precaution
-Read All Instruction Carefully
-This Appliance Is For Normal Household Use Only
-Close Supervision Is Necessary When The Appliance Is InUse.Keep The Appliance Away From children
-To Protec Against Risk Of Electric Shock Fire Or Personal Injury,Do Not Immerse Power Cord,Plug,Mixer Unit In Water Or Any form Of Liquid
-Unplug When Not In Use And Cleaning
-Do Not Operate The Appliance When The Power Cord Or Plug Is Damage.If The Appliance Malfunctions,Dropeped Or Damaged in Anny Manner,Send The Appliance To An Authorized Service Center
-Do Not Let Power Cord Hand Over The Edge Of A Table Or Counter,Or Touch Any Hot Surface
-Do Not Place The Appliance Near Gas Outlet Electric Burner,Or Heated Oven.
-Always Use A Reliable Earthed Power Supply To Operate The Appliance.


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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 15 cm





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