We source for your needs

Sama Kampung specializes in the supplying and selling of kitchenware items to wholesalers, retailers and end users.

We strive to supply and fulfil customer demands for all sorts of kitchen equipment and utensils for domestic and commercial kitchens. There is a comprehensive display of kitchen products at our outlets.

We are proud to be of service to our customers who come from various businesses and industries.


We have various types of good quality and best of value kitchen and household products for home owners. Come over and have a great time shopping for your household items!

Cafe & Restaurants

We have a wide choice of glasses and tableware used regularly in restaurants, as well as quality cookware with friendly price tags. Do drop by to have a look at commercial kitchen products and appliances on display in our showroom.

Corporate & Catering

Barware and catering products are available too. Whether its for corporate canteen or buffet line, we have the necessary equipments and utensils for you. Contact us to know more!

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